Mission Statement

“Our mission at Bestie Boutique is to offer excellent customer service while providing unique designs at fair prices.  We also strive to be a prominent member of our local community and  proud Allies of all LBGTQ adults and youth.”

Only Local Designers & Artists

Bestie Boutique is a product of over 15 years of friendship. It started when Lena borrowed a vinyl cutter from her mother-in-law. After making a few shirts and loving the process of creating the shirts, Lena had the “a-ha” moment that this is something that would make a great business; and who better to go into business with than your best friend? It was now a partnership! Where we worked together to navigate operating a small business. Thankfully, we found guidance from an old friend,Tam. Tam is a veteran small t-shirt business owner and was instrumental in our development.

Bestie Boutique began in the living room at Lena’s house in Selma. We started off just making vinyl shirts. As the business grew quickly we found we needed a space to work, so we moved into an office in Muncie. We then started to expand our use of different mediums and started using sublimation. This opened the door to producing new items that we did not have the capability to produce before. What started as a simple vinyl shirt hobby has evolved into a boutique that offers various custom and stock items, as well as has items for sale in two locations in Muncie, a website, a craft fair presence, and a vast social media following.

Starting our business was not without its challenges. There is a lot of competition in the boutique business. We chose to offer superior products while building excellent customer relationships, and that has been the backbone of our company.


Bestie Boutique

2817 N Oakwood

Muncie, IN 47304


(765) 228-2241

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